Amartahills Perfect Wellness

Swimming Pool

A hotel with a decent swimming pool can be the very thing that smooths out a stressful day. Amartahills gives you the best service of wellness through our aesthetically pleasing Infinity Pool in the peak of the hills where you can enjoy the splendid mount Arjuna's view. The refreshing coolness of the water meets the great view is a wonderful
combination that we offer you to get a relaxed vibe. Amartahills also offers you a great jacuzzi and plenty of spots for lounging, the result is a relaxed vibe for you to pamper yourself.

The Gym

Amartahills is determined to help you balance your health and harmony through a holistic approach to mental and physical well being, as well as to cultivate enriching experiences that nourish both mind and body to reach a renewed sense of fulfillment. We provide you the most fully-equipped gym facilities in Batu city to achieve mind-body balance and makes you feel healthy at all times.

Outdoor Activity

Outdoor activities provide you a way to get outside and enjoy the natural surroundings. Aside from breathing fresh air and discovering Batu’s nature wonders, Amartahills offers you various activities that may be performed with several friends and family members or with your colleagues to keep you wanting to go back outside for more. Activities such as Offroad Trail with jeep
or ATV, team building, fun games, paintball, low rope Ninja Warrior Activity can be done in this vast outdoor area and help you build better relationships with your loved ones.

Kid's Playground

When your beloved children want to have fun, let them burn off steam in a fun and safe indoor and outdoor playground area at Amartahills where they can climb, jump, slide and play. This kids playground is designed specifically to keep your kids happy for hours. It has the largest variety of activities offered to ensure your kids always happy, active, and curious about new things they see.