Explore Around Amartahills

Amartahills sits directly on a stunning highland area in Batu where you are able to visit several of the most gorgeous tourist destinations in East Java. From the breath-taking and panoramic view of Bromo Mountain to magnificent, extreme outdoor activity of rafting and river tubing at Gubuk Klakah and to the unforgettable experience of offroading at Coban Putri

Bromo Mountain Trip

Bromo Mountain is a part of Tengger massif, together with Semeru, Batok, and Widodaren, and it is located in a plain called Sea of Sand. Belonged to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java where you can take pleasure in the panoramic view of greenery up to the mountains, visit Mount Penanjakan to get the best viewpoint to see the sunrise and view color changes of the mountain. It takes you around 46 km from Amartahills to enjoy the volcanic majesty of Bromo Mountain.

Rafting at Gubuk Klakah

Gubuk Klakah is a village in Poncokusumo subdistrict popular for its abundant tourist attractions. Located in the base of Bromo Mountain, it is a frequently visited village for its high production of apples and magnificent view. One of many ways to explore the beauty of Gubuk Klakah is to experience rafting and river tubing in Amprong river that flows across this astonishing village. It takes you around 48km from Amartahills to get the thrill out of

Off road at Coban Putri

Coban Putri is one of several famous waterfalls in Malang where you will be indulged in its splendid nature and freshness of the air. The beauty of Coban Putri waterfall is worth-visiting for as its tranquilizing environment will keep you amazed while listening to the relaxing sound of the waterfall. More amazingly, you are able to enjoy every bit of Coban Putri by experiencing offroad as its newest feature and ride along to enjoy the scenic view. It takes you around 4km to reach this princess’ hair-like waterfall.