Amartahills’ Special Offers

Amartahills believes that your pleasure is always our top priority and therefore we furnish you with various and customizable offers that are suitable for your requirements

Settembre! La Grande Caccia al Tesoro

Gemma nascosta all'interno, trovala, assaporala e ipnotizza. Find your hidden treasure here in Fifteen Celcius by Amartahills, only on September where your adventure awaits.

Save the Date - SaveTember

Save-tember is when you need an escape but there’s nowhere left to escape to, a staycation at home can be just as refreshing. Whether it’s a city break or a weekend getaway, your favorite weekend destination is here.

Offer of a Lifetime

Come and join us in Amartahills Hotel & Resort, apply our limited promo code AMARTA35 and earn instant rebate of 35% in all room types. Our rooms are available with subject of availability.