Wedding at Amartahills


Wedding and birthday are some of the memorable moments everyone will have in their lives, therefore choosing a decent venue is important. Amartahills offers you Askara Chapel, a magnificent venue suitable for your once-in-a-life-time moment to have holy matrimony and wedding reception as well. Not only for weddings, Askara Chapel is also suitable for holding birthday parties and other social events. While gathering with your nearest and dearest ones, you will feel an unforgettable moment in this chapel with great views of mountain and Batu city. Make your special events priceless by having it in Askara Chapel.


Meeting at Amartahills

Choosing a satisfactory meeting venue is a key of success in holding your events and Amartahills has just what you need. Our meeting venue is spacious and comfortable for a great variety of events such as meetings and gatherings with complete and well-equipped facilities (sound system, Wi-Fi, flipchart, LCD projectors, and screen). For the better offer, our attentive and friendly staff will provide you and the attendees the best service to ensure the satisfaction and success of your events.


Social Events
at Amartahills

Every event planner knows that where they choose the venue is every bit important as the event itself. Make your various social events unforgettable with us at Amartahills as we provide you an attractive venue with abundant spots for a photo session so you can have a unique experience with nature’s grace at Amartahills that you can’t find in other places.