Amartahills Hotel and Resort is the crown jewel of Hotel in Batu, Malang. Located in the highest point of Batu, Amartahills Hotel and Resort presents you the best-staying experience, beautiful view of Panderman Hills, and Arjuna mountain, include the mesmerizing city lights at night.
Our hotel is suitable for both business and leisure. Amartahills hotel welcomes you with the greatest view at our infinity pool, cold mountain breeze at 15 Celcius sky lounge, along with the delicious meals at our restaurant and clubhouse.

a paradise between
a green land and
the blue sky

Dining at Amartahills

Amartahills indulges you with cozy, luxurious and comfortable dining spots that will make you take delight in every meal time. Equipped with 3 restaurant outlets, we offer you distinctive culinary themes, various culturally-influenced menu selections and finest food and beverages experiences to fulfill your appetite.

Amartahills’ Offers

Amartahills believes that your pleasure is always our top priority and therefore we furnish you with various and customizable offers that are suitable with your requirements.

Asian Cuisine on Malabar Resto

Enjoy our magnificent Indonesian Menu and exceptional Chinese menu at our Malabar Restaurant. Sharing with your friends and families, the best way of celebrating togetherness.

Serene & Majestic Wedding

Celebrate your affectionate wedding moments with us. Imagine walking into the aisle with breathtaking views scenery and majestic atmosphere

Amartahills Adventure Park

Amartahills Adventure Park, the finest place to enjoying the beautiful scenery, breezing wind, and magnificent mountain view. Arrange group activity with your loved one, create bonds, and all the way relaxing and enjoying a pleasant moment in our Hotel.

Let’s Follow us

To share good things is our way to show our highest appreciation. Follow our Instagram account and discover miraculous experiences with us in Amartahills Hotel and Resort.

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